Bakkerij Holland

Who we are

Bakery 'Holland' is a fully automated bakery with locations in Vriezeveen (since 1937) and Roosendaal (since 1999). We are a family business with dedication and involvement as key elements. Because of our efficient internal processes we are able to make fast changes, we are always on the lookout for new challenges and customers.

Most of our activities revolve around the baking of bread, 'small'-bread, bake-off and fruit-breads for grocery stores and for our own bakeries. The delivery, which is being done by a total of 80 trucks, involves fresh baked, frozen and non-perishable products.

Our own technical maintenance service have all the current and up-to-date knowledge about our specialized processes. They helped us develop our own machinery, which makes it easier to comply to specific customer needs.

Our new bakery in Vriezeveen is located next to the N36. The building itself has 17.000 m2 spread out over two floors. It is a modern, sustainable building with acclimatized rooms and energy efficient.


bigbreads on hour


rolls evey hour


Floor-baked breads on hour


bake-off products an hour


stollen each year


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